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Make Father’s Day special with Taylor Wimpey’s helpful advice

Make Father’s Day special with Taylor Wimpey’s helpful advice

He pretends he’s forgotten, but he hasn’t really forgotten. Even the most laid-back dad has surely spotted an advert, a shop sign or an article that reminds him that it’s Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June.

Yes, he may genuinely say “oh, is that today?” when the kids bounce grinning onto the bed. But if you forget, well… don’t rule out the possibility that he’ll feel peeved when the missed opportunity to be the centre of attention dawns on him, a few days later.

So how do you make Father’s Day special? Leading housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has some fatherly advice.

Elaine Cartwright, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey, says: “I think Father’s Day is an ‘excuse’ day. It’s an excuse to stop having just another Sunday, and to create a special family day, centred on dad.

“So it requires a little bit of planning by mum and the kids, and a little bit of dad doing what he does best… going along with it all!”

Make it a jobless day: Dad wants a day free of dad-pressure, so remove all deadlines, all duties and all dashing around. And no jokes about “that’s just a normal day for him”. Whatever jobs dad normally does – whether he’s master dish-dryer, laundry-organiser, car-washer or recycling-sorter – get the kids to do them (or, if they’re too young, help mum do them) instead. Make sure especially that workaholic dads aren’t working.

Spend time together: No dad ever got to his deathbed wishing he’d spent a bit more time in the office. Some, however, wish they’d spent a bit more time with the family. So make Father’s Day a family day. Even if it’s a helping hand to clear out the garage or organise the trinkets in his shed – sharing the workload while having a laugh is a guaranteed winner.

Focus on dad: It’s sort of obvious, but if you’re doing something, make it something that dad wants to do. Does he really want to see Legally Blonde The Musical? Or would he prefer a family day at a go-kart track? If you’re relaxing at home with a family movie, make sure it’s dad’s choice. You know the answer: do the right thing.

Experiences not presents: Don’t get us wrong, a card and a little gift is great on Father’s Day, but what many don’t think to do is plan an experience for dad’s special day. So why not check out the wonderful local places that offer a great day out? Head to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens where families can enjoy a lovely Father’s Day meal on the big day, surrounded by the beautiful gardens that will inspire any dads with green fingers! Or you could plan a trip to Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire to make dad feel like a king for a day, while the Coventry Transport Museum is great for car-mad dads.

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