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Illegal motorbike users sought by police

Two unidentified riders have been reported illegally riding motorcycles in the Wyke area.

A polices officer said: “On Sunday evening at 5:30pm two people out walking on a footpath encountered two motorcyclists riding illegally on private land and a public footpath. The riding of the motorcycles was reckless, illegal and caused alarm and distress to the two walkers. Motorcycles can only be ridden off road on private land if the owner of the land has given permission for such activity. Unless you have permission from the landowner, you cannot ride a motorcycle on private land. Motorcycles cannot be ridden on public footpaths. The landowner is the person reporting this incident so if the Police manage to identify those involved they will be dealt with appropriately.

“Such riding is clearly dangerous and the safer Neighbourhood Team would like to identify them so that they can be spoken to regarding this behaviour. If they persist in riding illegally in this manner a Section 59 Warning Notice can be issued to them and if they do not then curb their behaviour then their motorcycle will be seized by the Police.

“If you know who the people involved in these incidents are, or have any information that may enable the Police to identify them, please call the Police on 101 and refer to incident 0602S 050818.

“If you would like to pass any information to the Police anonymously, you can call or email CRIMESTOPPERS – 0800 555 111 or visit the website

“You can email the Safer Neighbourhood Team at, but be aware that this email address should not be used to report an incident that requires an urgent Police answer as it is not monitored 24 hours a day.”

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