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About Us

Wellington News, issue 1, September 1999.

Wrekin News is one of the area’s longest established newspapers. First published in 1998 as Wellington News as a monthly publication, it has gone from strength to strength and firmly established itself as the ‘must read’ monthly publication in Telford.

The success of the ‘News’ has been its lively format bringing news from the local areas of Telford, such as Dawley, Madeley, Ketley, Oakengates, Hadley and its firm heartland base of Wellington.

As well as being a rich source of local news, Wrekin News has become famous for its reader’s letters. From day one, readers have been writing in with their memories of the area delving back into living memory. In the fifteen years Wrekin News has been around we calculate that more than a million words of reader’s letters have appeared in print and the stories have almost become an unofficial archive of local and social history.

George Evans, the local author and historian, has contributed a column in every issue and his informed writing has helped ‘educate’ generations of readers in the documented history of the area. George has published several books on the area from its geological roots through the medieval and more recent history of the area and his column has been the bedrock of the interactive element of Wrekin News.

Wrekin News derives its revenue from advertising and has a firm and loyal base of advertisers. Because Wrekin News has a healthy ratio of editorial to advertising, advertisers rightfully claim to have more success with their advertising budget than in other local publications.

With its new magazine format, Wrekin News is confident that it can continued to expand its readership and build on its editorial content. The reader is the most important part of the chain and Wrekin News will continue to bring a mix of local news, reader’s letters and information about forthcoming events.